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25 July 2011 @ 03:39 pm
I hope  

It's fun how that always was one of my favourite songs ever.

Isshi is no longer in this world and I'm sure most of his fans were shocked to know that, specially since it happened almost a week ago but it doesn't really bother me that they didn't tell us earlier, they had their reason and it wouldn't have changed a thing.

Kagrra, was a band that was with me from the beginning, I liked everything about them, the members, the lyrics, the melody and of course, the vocals. If I try to think of other bands I loved like this one, I realise that most of them have disbanded, just like Kagrra did but now I know that disbandment hurts nowhere as near as knowing that you won't see someone who sang from his heart smile ever again. Thank you for everything you shared with us, Isshi. You will be greatly missed.

Everyone is quoting Isshi's words: "Death is the beginning of eternity". It is, in more than one sense. If he really believed that then it's somewhat of a comfort for the people who loved him and for the hearts he reached... I just hope it is eternity what he wanted.

There's only another song by another band dear to me that comes to mind right now, specifically one line: "If you start to cry and can't stop, then sing". I think I'll do just that.

Kimi ga hoshikute, kimi wo dakishime~♫
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